It’s like Groundhog’s Day

Sunday: Drove to Boston, walked 24 miles north.
Monday: walked 24+ miles north.
Tuesday: walked 25 +miles north.
Wednesday: walked 24+ miles north.

When you add the fractions of a mile into the mix! we’ve walked about 98 miles in four days! Now I’m a natural swimmer. This walking stuff does not come easily for me. Tomorrow should be easier because it’s only (ha! “Only”) 16 miles, it’s walking right in my backyard, and at the end of the day I’ll be back home – with the best fans in baseball!

Today was much like yesterday – all business! We walked from 8 – 12 (12 miles) from Cape Neddick to the Wells/Kennebunk border. We met Sea a Dogs President Charlie Eshbach for lunch and met four cool runners who are running a circle around the US. They are 350 miles into their trek and they are raising money for cancer research – good guys (and gals).

After lunch it was right back at it – through Kennebunk and … Okay by that point it’s kind of a blur. I can tell you we went through Biddeford and made it to Saco, which was our goal for the day. I’ve got some serious blisters, so I may not be able to beat the kid around the bases tomorrow night (big surprise, I know).

I am super excited to finish. I hope to have a little parade into the ballpark and then … Off to work! Go Dogs! I’ll tweet pictures tomorrow (@slugger_seadog) but I think my Day 5 Blog Entry and my wrap up blog entry will be out Friday or Saturday.

Here are some pictures from a Day 4:







And our map for the day:



A Jackie Bradley, Jr. Day

E-gads! Today was a long, long day! We started where we left off yesterday: Seabrook, New Hampshire. We hit Hampton Falls, Hampton, North Hampton, Rye and finally … Portsmouth!

We crossed the Memorial Bridge into Maine around 2 in the afternoon and continued on.



You don’t really notice when driving, but the Welcome to Maine sign? It’s like 3 miles from the border! Not cool, man. Not cool.


I have to say, it was great being back in Maine. It really is “the way life should be.” With a spring in our step, we marched on through Kittery, York and Cape Neddick. I tried to stop at this place, but it was closed for the day. Bummer.


Here are a few other shots from the day.




Oh and I forgot to include a map yesterday, so here is yesterday’s map:


And today’s:


So we did 25 miles – in honor of former Sea Dog, Number 25, Jackie Bradley, Jr.

Hoping to get to Saco tomorrow, which means another 24 mile day. But then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to Hadlock Field. If you haven’t already, pleas visit Slugger’s Walk to make a donation. And please buy tickets to Thursday’s game; meet us at the Valley Street dog park; and walk the final mile with us! It will be tons of fun!

It’s great to be back in Maine – it really is the way life should be!

May 5, 2014 – Dwight Evans Day

Today was dedicated to Red Sox Great Dwight Evans, Number 24! We left Middleton, MA this morning at 7:30. It was a beautiful day!


We were even greeted by two of Middleton’s Finest!


We hit Topsfield, Ipswitch, Rowley, Newbury, Newburyport, Sailsbury and Seabrook! Now, I’m not gonna lie to you – today was tough. We were in smaller towns and most people were at school or work – we did get a lot of beeps, but not as much personal fan interaction as we had in Boston and Cambridge yesterday. Here’s a picture from early in the day – not a soul in sight.


Here are some of the places we visited:





I tried to get into the spa, but no luck!


The highlight of the trip was entering New Hampshire! It feels like we are making some real progress! We are 15 miles south of Portsmouth and hoe to be in Maine by mid-day tomorrow! Follow us on a Twitter (@Slugger_SeaDog) for updates! We would LOVE to see some fans tomorrow as we cross into Maine (home of the best fans in baseball)!

Anywho – today was dedicated to Dwight Evans because we walked 24 miles today! (24.2, but close enough, right?)

And please don’t forget – it is not too late to donate at And visit OTTO for a Slugger Special (meatball, ricotta and bacon) every day this week (you know you want to). proceeds to benefit this crazy walk. Finally, buy some tickets to May 8 (this Thursday) and meet us at the dog park on Valley Street in Portland – come walk the final mile with us (including a parade around the warning track). You’ll get to meet New England Patriot Great Shane Vereeniging and see Carlos Guevara (X-Factor Finalist) sing God Bless America!

Day One

Wow! What a day! We started in America’s Most Beloved Ballpark – Fenway Park! The place looked great!



We made our way down a mostly empty Yawkee Way and over to Kenmore Square.


There were lots of people walking around Boston and we made many new friends!


I can’t be 100% sure (or even 2% sure) but I think Tom Brady ,eaves near here.

We made our way to Cambridge and the. The town NEXT to Cambridge – after this much walking many of the towns are but a mere memory. We did take this shot of the city getting further and further away.



We stopped for lunch at Friendly’s in Stoneham, MA, which was right across the street from this welcoming sign:


After lunch, we made our way to Wakefield where we were interviewed by two high school kids doing a school project about their town. They asked us “what’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Wakefield’?” Is it wrong that we answered “Tim”?

After Wakefield it was Lynfield and then Middleton, where we stopped for the night. Phew! Justin’s phone died so his runkeeper app died with it. Here’s a picture of the route through the death of the phone. We walked to the junction with Route 114 – maybe a mile beyond where the map says we ended.

All in all a good day! Listen for Justin on WBLM tomorrow morning and please remember that it is not too late to donate! We are $10,000 away from our goal! Help us get there by Thursday. And speaking of Thursday – come see us walk home! Better yet, get a ticket and meet us at 5 PM at the dog park on Valley Street ans walk the final mile with us (including a parade around the warning track)!

Donate Today (and tomorrow)

-(a dog tired) Slugger

Opening Day Thoughts

Wow! What a night! I love Opening Night! The hot dogs, the fans, the blankets! It never gets old!

Justin was on the Big Jab before the game talking about our walk and trying to get folks to donate (hint hint – and I got to show off some of my speed training buy nearly beating a 4 year old running the bases. So close this time!

We had a very nice tribute to Bill Troubh – a great friend and loyal fan – before the game and Bill’s grand kids threw out the first pitch.

The guys played great! Bats were going well and we had some sick plays in the field. Have up a few late to make it interesting but came away with the win! Yeah!

Our training continues to go well – we are walking 9-12 miles a day now, which isn’t bad, especially when you consider that I’m also juggling public appearances (and now games) and Justin has a full time job and a family. I think we are shooting for 15 miles each day this weekend! Yeah, man!

And NEXT weekend – April 19 – we’ll be hosting a community walk from 11-1 at the Norway Savings Bank on Route 1 in Saco. All are welcome! Please come out, grab a photo and an autograph and walk with me (and Justin and Theo). We’ll be walking a 1.5 loop – join us for one loop, or more. It’ll be fun fun fun!

More soon, but right now I’ve got to get some sleep – we are walking in the morning (what else is new)!

– Slugger

Tourney Time!

Hey guys, it’s me – Slugger!  I am taking a quick break from training (which is going swimmingly, by the way) to post my thoughts on March Madness.

I’m more of a baseball fan, but everyone else is jumping into the March Madness Fray, so I thought I’d give you my two cents.  My bracket (for entertainment purposes only) is based on – you guessed it – which mascot would win in a fight.  Therefore, I am calling for some upsets in round One!  Such as:

SF Austin (12) over VCU (5) – Seriously, a Lumberjack wouldn’t even break a sweat beating a Ram.

Eastern Kentucky (15) over Kansas (2) – I’m not really sure what a Jay Hawk is but I am guessing it is some sort of bird and a Kentucky Colonel has a gun (and is known to cook fowl).  Slam dunk.

UL Lafayette (14) over Creighton (3) – Even a tipsy Ragin Cajun can defeat a Blue Jay (presuming he can catch it).

NC State (12) over St. Louis (5).  Come on!  A pack of wolves versus a billiken?  According to “the Google” a billiken is a charm doll.  Have you seen what a pack of wolves can do to a stuffed toy? Ouch!

I also have a few ties in Round One (not sure how the NCAA will handle ties);

UMass Minutemen (6) and Tennessee Volunteers (11) will end in a tie as will Weber State Wildcats (16) and Arizona Wildcats (1).

If a team named after a weather event (Tulsa Golden Hurricanes, Iowa State Cyclones) I gave them a win if they were playing an animal.  I gave them a loss if they faced a human (who could stay inside and weather the storm).

For teams named after a color (Syracuse, Stanford, Harvard), I flipped a coin.

Good luck everyone!  baseball will be here before you know it!


Off to a great start!

Ummm . . . wow!

We know, we know –  Slugger has been speechless for nearly 20 years, but we are both speechless today.  What a humbling couple of days!  This is just proof that we are blessed to live in such a wonderful community.  Within hours of our story hitting the newswires, both  Slugger’s my inboxes and twitter-feed-thingies were going crazy!  We’ve raised nearly $5,000 in one day.  Now that’s solid!  And A-Rod hasn’t even donated yet – just wait for that one to come in!  

Finished 4 jpg 100k

Slugger and I will be busy working on our first batch of thank you notes tonight in between a little cardio workout (and perhaps some Sea Dog Biscuits).  I am happy to report that Slugger has been on the treadmill every morning this week and he and I hit the streets of South Portland yesterday for a nice 2.5 mile walk – hey, it’s a start!  We are working on our official community training walks schedule.  Over the coming weeks, fans will be able to meet us; take pictures with Slugger; and walk a few miles with us.  We’ll be sure to give everyone plenty of time and several opportunities to join in the fun.

Thanks again to everyone who has already donated and to those still thinking about it.  We are truly humbled by the overwhelming support.  We will do our best to make you proud.  If you’re looking for the link to make a donation, here it is!

Thanks everyone!